We Want To Make NFTs As Accessible As Possible, Says New Metaplex CEO

We Want To Make NFTs As Accessible As Possible, Says New Metaplex CEO

After a sensational year with over 7.4 million NFTs created across 94,000 projects and a whopping one million wallets containing SOL-based NFTs, Metaplex Studios has now appointed Stephen Hess as Chief Executive Officer.

Hess left his role as Product Manager at Solana Labs where he supported the development of the Solana ecosystem and played a key role in the explosion of NFT projects on Solana last year.

Coin Rivet caught up with him to ask how will he use his experience with Solana at Metaplex Studios.

He said he previously worked closely with an “amazing team of developers” who were really focused on getting the right tools and mechanisms in place to accelerate growth and adoption.

“We spent a lot of time and resources engaging our builder community, creating educational materials, and hosting multiple hackathons,” he recalled.

“We wanted to support as much as possible all the builders who contributed their ideas to the Solana blockchain.”

As CEO of Metaplex Studios, Hess said he plans to leverage that experience and double the growth of the ecosystem of projects, creators, and developers that build on Solana’s NFT standard, which relies on the Metaplex protocol.

“This comes in the form of engaging with the community, developing and contributing to new tools that make it easier to interface with the protocol, and providing mentorship and guidance to creators and projects launching NFT collections using the Metaplex protocol,” he explained.

“We receive constant feedback from creators and work closely together to improve the NFT typing experience using the Metaplex protocol, and have also contributed code to the Metaplex Github library.

“Currently, we’re also partnering with the Solana team to take part in the Hacker House World Tour in Seattle to connect locally with artists, engineers, and brands exploring new ways to leverage NFTs.”

Speaking about Metaplex Studio’s mission, Hess said the plan is to make NFTs as accessible as possible for everyone around the world.

Future co-lab with Coachella and Snoop Dogg

“From artists creating PFPs or game characters to DAOs and communities reinventing the social experience on Web3, we want it to be easy and painless for anyone to start experimenting with what they can do with the NFT technology,” he said. .

“Solana’s blockchain is able to offer the fastest and most affordable way for artists, creators and their communities to participate in the metaverse, and we want to maximize this offer to bring more people to participate in the web3 movement. .”

Asked to give us a preview of future collaborations with artists, creators and indie game studios, the CEO said that aside from PFPs and GameFi NFTs, Metaplex is becoming increasingly popular among gaming style brands. life, entertainment, influencers and photography collectives.

“It attracts names like Coachella, Snoop Dogg, Street Dreams and even famous photographers like Walter Iooss to innovate NFTs,” he said.

“In three to six months, I believe these creators will give new meaning to NFTs by leading the way in bringing high-quality, high-value collectible art to the Solana blockchain.”

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