MB Fit Studio opens in Solana Beach

MB Fit Studio opens in Solana Beach

The new MB Fit Studio in Solana Beach integrates mind, body and fitness by incorporating a variety of exercise styles to improve the quality of life, health and longevity of its members.

The studio offers 14 classes throughout the week, including Aerial Yoga, TRX Suspension Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Pilates and Barre, Mat Yoga, Stretching , functional training and B Fit Kidz sessions for toddlers and tweens.

An aerial yoga class at MB Fit Studio.


Owner and Director of Fitness, Mary Lou Schell brings 20 years of experience in fitness and physical therapy. She started her career as a physical therapist in Los Angeles but became frustrated with the health insurance system: “The system was limited on how to educate people to move better,” she said.

She decided to make the transition into the fitness industry, where she earned a certification in personal training and worked on the education side for TRX and EFI (the company that designed The Total Gym). Her work teaching and certifying instructors, trainers and personal trainers has taken her to live abroad in Spain, the UK, South America and Japan.

Although she helped run several fitness studios, she never imagined she would be running her own brick-and-mortar studio, however, when the opportunity presented itself, she and her business partners decided to launch.

The MB Fit team began planning around Thanksgiving 2021, took over the space on December 1, and officially opened on February 1, “hustling all the way”. The space, a former gymnasium on Academy Drive, has been completely transformed, taking on a much lighter, airy and open feel.

“Because of my training in physiotherapy, I want to show people how to move better and be able to manage their own body weight,” said Schell, who lives a few miles from the studio. “I wanted to do something different because people need different things and they need to go out and challenge themselves…they’re done with the routine.”

Aerial yoga is about as different as it gets. The class allows people to move their bodies in yoga poses while feeling the support of the silk hammock anchored to the ceiling. The class focuses on flexibility, alignment, strength and control and ends with a “magical” floating savasana.

MB Fit classes are all about mixing up your routine, taking an integrative approach to fitness and keeping the body moving in unique ways. The TRX suspension trainer class incorporates yoga, the HIIT class uses rowing machines, and the barre classes bring traditional Pilates.

The most popular class so far has been the Flex and Stretch class, made unique because it uses the Hypervolt massage tool. Schell said people love restoring and stretching their muscles using the Hypervolt, foam rollers and resistance bands.

“No matter what you’re doing, whether you’re very active or sitting at a desk all day, there are areas that are going to be sore and need some attention,” she said.

At MB Fit, Schell teaches everything except yoga, a discipline where she prefers to be a student in her practice. At the end of each class she teaches, she does a two-minute guided meditation to rest the body and allow all that hard work to ‘simmer’: “The most important thing for me is being able to reset the mind “, she says. noted.

Quiet minutes allow people to leave classes rested and charged.

MB Fit Studio also has a treatment room where they plan to offer bodywork such as acupuncture, massage and cupping – a place to rest, recover and prevent injury. Personal workouts and personally designed nutrition programs are also available to members.

Just a month after opening, Schell looks forward to continuing to build MB Fit loyalty and helping more people achieve their fitness goals: “The community is very important to me.”

MB Fit Studio is located at 811 Academy Drive in Solana Beach. For more information, visit

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