Lion Pride Club: Revolutionary New 3D Lions NFTs on Solana with Realistic Metaverse-Ready Designs

Lion Pride Club: Revolutionary New 3D Lions NFTs on Solana with Realistic Metaverse-Ready Designs

The collection consists of 7000 3D lion NFTs, each designed with unique attributes and characteristics by Lion Pride Club

/EIN News/ — Maidenhead, UK, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

There has been a noticeable shift in the preferences of dApps and NFT projects from Ethereum to the Solana blockchain over the past few months, and the dominance that Ethereum previously enjoyed is slowly waning. In particular, this can be seen with the NFT market, as high gas fees on Ethereum led Solana to overtake $1 billion in all-time sales last year.

NFT collections on Solana typically feature near-zero gas fees and a higher level of interoperability between marketplaces. One of the best-designed NFT collections on Solana in this regard is the Lion Pride Clublaunching very soon on the best Solana NFT markets.

The collection consists of 7000 3D lion NFTs, each of which has been designed with unique attributes and characteristics. They have also been developed in a metaverse-ready way so that later the whole project can be easily added to the Solana metaverse. The launch date of the project has not yet been finalized, but it is expected to be soon, and 20% of all profits from the pool will be used to improve the lives of Ukrainian citizens whose lives have been uprooted following the recent invasion.

The project roadmap is as follows:
Step 1: NFTs will be launched through the website and will be available for trading on major Solana NFT marketplaces. Users will be able to easily purchase the lions of their choice using Solana.
Step 2: From the launch pool, 20% of the profits will be taken and used for humanitarian projects in Ukraine designed to improve the lives of vulnerable citizens.
Step 3: The lionomics will be introduced and users will be able to stake their Lions to get passive rewards in the form of Project Tokens.
Step 4: The Project Pool will be used to purchase land in the Solana Metaverse where Lion owners can meet and interact with each other. Further plans for this stage have yet to be finalized and revealed.

Further details about the project, the team and the story behind the project can be found on their website here. Details of the launch of NFT will also be announced on the website. To receive live alerts and updates on project developments and the latest happenings, the project’s Twitter handle is @LionPrideClub. Interested users can also talk to the team and meet other members of the Lion Pride Club community by joining the Discord channel through this invite link.

Joining the Discord community is also a good way to get into the project’s whitelist, as the project doesn’t have specific criteria for its whitelist, but will instead reward users who have been the most active and loyal to the community.

The Lion Pride Club project is certainly one of Solana’s most promising and well-designed projects, and the team has promised that it will soon have some exciting surprises in store for its users.


Name: Jafar Orujov
                  Organization: Lion Pride Club
                  Address: Maidenhead, United Kingdom
                  Phone: 07865510450