Bear Market Benefits of Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot

Bear Market Benefits of Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot

Bitgert (BRISE) was bullish with the price soaring a massive percentage

The cryptocurrency market has been through choppy tides lately, with the bear market rocking the market for most of 2022. Most cryptocurrencies are still in the red for the dips made in 2022. -currencies were the most affected.

Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot are some of the cryptocurrencies that have been bearish, with all three falling more than 15% in the past 30 days. At the same time, Bigert (BREEZE) was bullish as the price shot up by a massive percentage. Learn more about these cryptocurrencies below:


Bitter was one of the few cryptocurrencies to be bullish when the market was bearish. Indeed, the cryptocurrency had attracted investors even when the market was crashing. The throw Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the most important factor that keeps BREEZE bullish. It is the revolutionary blockchain.

Bitgert is the only blockchain that has a zero gas fee mechanism. It is the fastest blockchain in the industry. Such a powerful blockchain has been the biggest attraction, with every crypto investor wanting to buy Bitgert before it exploded. Bitter has attracted investors even from the Cardano, Solana and Polkadot networks.


centcex worked on building the largest ecosystem in terms of products. The Centcex has the sole objective of providing as many blockchain products as possible on this ecosystem. Therefore, Centcex is one of the projects that will see one of the highest adoptions in 2022.

The huge collection of products is also going to generate one of the biggest staking revenue. Hence, Centcex is one of the projects that will make investors rich in 2022. This is why the coin performed quite well even during the bear market. Centcex might be the biggest Bitter rival in the next few days.


The Solana coin is on the list of cryptocurrencies that have been bearish in 2022. In the past 30 days, Solana has fallen over 20%, making it one of the biggest losers in the market. Despite being the fastest blockchain before the arrival of the BRC20 blockchainSolana has been very slow to get products and projects into the channel.

The Breeze chain surpassed the speed of Solana and is also the cheapest chain. Therefore, the Bitgert chain is the biggest competitor, and this is one of the reasons why it has not recovered quickly. Solana will have to beat the competition from the Bitgert channel.


The bearish Cardano started before we entered 2022. The coin fell most of December and fell in 2022. There is no doubt that more competitive projects have made Cardano, and many other projects, less attractive. That’s why ADA couldn’t recover quickly from the dives and is still in the red.

Bitter could make Cardano less attractive with its faster chain and cheaper gas. This is why there have been many Cardano members, including whales, that have joined Bitgert.


Polkadot was not only bearish but also lost its members to Project Bigert. This includes the Polkadot whales that have joined bitterer piece lately and in large numbers. Although Polkadot did very well in terms of speed, it was challenged by the Bitgert blockchain.

The warp has the highest speed, and zero gas costs make it superior to Polkadot. This is one of the reasons why Polkadot has been overtaken by Bitgert, even in terms of pricing performance, since the chain launched. It might never beat bitter chain zero gas charge features.