As the market struggles, Bitcoin hints at a capitulation

As the market struggles, Bitcoin hints at a capitulation

Key points to remember

  • The number of Bitcoin short positions surged on Bitfinex.
  • Such market behavior has coincided with downward price action in the past.
  • Further selling pressure could push BTC below $34,400, triggering a capitulation event.

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Bitcoin has looked fragile for weeks, with many large investors favoring the decline. The growing downward pressure could push BTC to break the support and undergo a sharp correction.

Bitcoin spell problem

Bitcoin continues to trade sideways as large investors appear to be betting on an upcoming capitulation event.

Datamish Data shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of Bitcoin short positions taken on Bitfinex. It appears that a group of large investors or institutions have borrowed around 1,500 bitcoins worth $58.5 million from the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange in hopes that prices will decline in a near future.

A total of 4,982 Bitcoins have been loaned out on the exchange, and most of the short positions are unhedged at the time of writing.

Source: Datamish

The sudden spike in short positions comes as Bitcoin faces a steady rejection from the 50-week moving average after weeks of testing the critical resistance barrier. Still, the major cryptocurrency appears to be holding above a vital support zone represented by the 100-week moving average at $34,400. A decisive close below this level of demand could lead to a slowdown in Bitcoin.

Based on the weekly chart, a decisive candlestick near the 100-week moving average at $34,400 could have the potential to trigger panic selling among market participants. If that were to happen, Bitcoin would likely capitulate towards the 200-week moving average at around $20,000 to start forming a market bottom.

Bitcoin Price Chart
Source: TradingView

Respected on-chain analyst Willy Woo also said he believes institutions and large holders haven’t stopped selling Bitcoin. He said a price crash could be imminent given that Bitcoin has historically suffered capitulation events in previous bull markets. In a March 10 Substack post, he wrote:

“There is no doubt that we are in a bear market due to the duration of the liquidation. There has never been a bear market low in BTC without a capitulation event, so I think there is a high probability that this region will break down, and we are testing lower lows before the accumulation n takes place to prepare for the next bullish cycle”, noted Courting.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $38,850. That’s about 43.4% less than its all-time high.

Disclosure: At the time of writing this article, the author of this article owned BTC and ETH.

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